99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Die

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The theme of this issue is somewhat morbid. We’ll admit to that. We were going to call it “99 Things to Eat in L.A. Before You Move to San Diego,” but it didn’t have the same ring of finality. You could probably drive up from San Diego if you were really, really in the mood for a maple-bacon biscuit but from beyond the grave? I’m afraid our metaphysics isn’t quite up to that one.

And as long as we’re on the subject of metaphysics, we will also confess to being a bit judgmental, because judgmental is what we do around here. If we’re suggesting that some things — 99 things — are on this particular list, we’re also suggesting that others are not. A Tito’s taco: Eat before you die. A Pink’s hot dog? You’re on your own.

See — you’ve barely started reading and we’ve already absolved you of the responsibility of standing in line behind Leonardo DiCaprio. You’ve already recouped the entire cost of the issue, and then some.

To eat, perchance to dream, in no particular order.

Bulgarini’s Goat’s Milk Gelato

Los Angeles is a world capital of so many things, including, it turns out, goat’s milk ice cream. Delicieuse, in Redondo Beach, is the most obvious source, sporting reams of literature about the health benefits of goat’s milk and eight flavors of ice cream made with the stuff, all of them delicious but none of them particularly goaty. And then there’s Leo Bulgarini, the Zen gelato master of Altadena, who amps up the strong, animal taste of his goat’s milk gelato by tossing goat cheese into the mix along with a handful of toasted, unsweetened cacao nibs for maximum pungency — it’s petting-zoo gelato, gelato you can almost imagine nibbling on your sleeves. Leo recommends that you pair it with a glass of rose prosecco from Valdobbiadene. Bulgarini Gelato, 749 E. Altadena Drive, Altadena. (626) 791-6174.

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