The 2nd Annual Gold Standard Food and Wine Event


UPDATE: View more photos in the “2nd Annual Gold Standard Food + Wine Event” slideshow.

If you happened to be looking for Octavio Becerra, Ludo Lefebvre, Leo Bulgarini or Susan Feniger yesterday, they were all at the Petersen Automotive Museum, and no, they weren’t ogling over the Hot Wheels Hall of Fame. Ludo was busy churning cornichon sorbet out of his Pacojet to adorn cups of cold chorizo velouté, and Feniger posed patiently alongside Jonathan Gold for dozens of snapping digital cameras.

The Second Annual Gold Standard Event at the Petersen was really a microcosm of L.A. pop culture at the moment–word on the street is food on the street and traffic has become an obstacle for mobile restaurants and a goal for food blogs. Angelenos are mad about cooking, tasting, photographing and talking about food, and Jonathan Gold’s weekly column has become a culinary barometer for diners from the Eastside to the West.

he event was generously attended, although unfortunately the doors opened 30 minutes late because the county health inspector found that the water temperature on an outside sink that was not used until several hours into the event was not up to temperature. But once the line started moving, it was clear that the space was more user friendly than last year, with plenty of food and drink to go around for the first couple of hours. Dozens of wineries and a handful of breweries helped wash down the dishes of forty restaurants and Bulleit Bourbon poured shots. Behind the museum, a Kogi barbeque truck handed out free tacos for their first annual Free Taco Day. After a week of intermittent rain, Sunday’s brilliant blue sky perked appetites and people stood basking in the sun on the roof of the museum, discussing whether tapioca makes uni sing, or if pickle should be eaten with a spoon.

Check back later today for more coverage of the event