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The perfect summer mash-up…

Los Angeles Times – View Online Finding Leo Bulgarini’s gelato has become, over the last decade or so since the Italian-born former sommelier began making his superlative gelato, a kind of L.A. treasure hunt. In the early days, Bulgarini would peddle his gelato, moving his cart from the Pacific Asia Museum to Caltech to Pasadena’s Laemmle theater. Then he […]

Object of desire: Yogurt gelato at Bulgarini

LA Times – View Online When you find yourself in the upper reaches of Altadena, strolling through Millard Canyon perhaps, or returning from the splendid Wednesday afternoon Altadena farmers market, it will probably occur to you that you are within striking distance of Bulgarini Gelato, a tiny shop that is always mentioned when the subject […]

Where to get ice cream and gelato in and around LA

LA Times – View Online It’s pretty much always ice cream weather in Los Angeles. That said, it’s safe to say that the summer is peak ice cream time, given how hot it can get around here. Which is why we’ve updated our ice cream and gelato list, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. […]

36 Hours in Pasadena, California

New York Times – View Online Beyond its well-known cultural institutions, this sunny city offers distinctive architecture, a venerable playhouse and beloved shops. The second oldest city in notoriously youthful Los Angeles County — after Los Angeles itself — Pasadena has aged admirably. With its deciduous tree-draped streets, it has often been a Hollywood stand-in […]

11 great things we ate at The Taste

Los Angeles Times – View Online This past weekend, many of us — many thousands of us — spent three days eating and drinking ourselves silly at The Taste, the L.A. Times’ annual food festival. Many capable people turned Paramount Studios into a Disneyland for foodies, with demonstration stages and booths and even a blue […]

Traditional Italian Gelato in Los Angeles

The Daily Beast – View Online Leo Bulgarini brings the attention to quality he learned as a child in Rome to Los Angeles to make the most talked about authentic gelato. Within your own backyard lies adventure that will transport you to a place that feels miles from home. So leave your passport behind and […]

6 great places for food lovers in Altadena

Los Angeles Times – View Online Due north of Pasadena and pushed up against the San Gabriels, Altadena always seems farther away from Los Angeles than it actually is — maybe because of the looming mountains, or maybe because its unincorporated status gives it an outlier feel. In recent years, it’s become home to a […]

We Present L.A.’s Coolest Hidden Gems

Yahoo Style – View Online Los Angeles is a sort of anti-city: It doesn’t seem to want anyone to know where all the cool kids hang out. So L.A.’s chic, edgy, celebrity-glam underside is often hidden behind mundane storefront facades and strip malls — the soul-crushing sameness that leaves the uninitiated or unobservant wondering, “This […]

Food Network – Bulgarini

Food Network – View Online Specialty Dishes: Torta Gelato with Chocolate and Pistacchio For years Aarti Sequieria stood with Team Ice Cream. But on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Leo Bulgarini’s Torte de Gelato made with pistachio and salty chocolate gelato made her a believer. Who could blame her, as Bulgarini’s gelatos are made […]