Bulgarini: the traditional Italian art of gelato making

Full Article It seems such a long time since when we tasted a real Italian gelato. Or perhaps we just miss it too much, as only ten days passed from the “L’Italo-Americano” Ferragosto party at Casa Barbera. One of the sponsors of that delightful event was Bulgarini Gelato, and almost all guests queued – in […]

Bulgarini Gelato now open at Grand Central Market

LA Times – By Jenn Harris – View Online Bulgarini Gelato, the Italian gelato and sorbetto store with locations in Altadena and Culver City, is now serving scoops at a cart at the Grand Central Market. It’s one of the latest additions to contribute to the revamp of the growing food arcade. Bulgarini, which landed at […]

Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants

Los Angeles Times – View Online 93. Bulgarini Gelato The foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains are home to some of the best ice cream in California, including the all-American Main Street creaminess of Mother Moo in Sierra Madre and the farmers market freshness of the original Carmela. But even the glories of Mother Moo’s […]

Bon Appetite

Bon Appetit Magazine – View Online THE BENCHMARK: Putnam and Rudicel are fans of Bulgarini Gelato, and Shuldiner stops here on all his informal food tours. Prices are high, but owner Leo Bulgarini’s seasonal Italian ices, made with local fruit, are utterly transporting.

Object of desire: Yogurt gelato at Bulgarini

LA Times – JUNE 14, 2012 |  3:03 PM – View Online When you find yourself in the upper reaches of Altadena, strolling through Millard Canyon perhaps, or returning from the splendid Wednesday afternoon Altadena farmers market, it will probably occur to you that you are within striking distance of Bulgarini Gelato, a tiny shop that […]

Best Gelato in LA: Bulgarini

Original Article   Bulgarini Gelato, a modest shop tucked inside the alley way of a strip mall in Altadena, CA, may be the reason I never eat store-bought ice cream again. The gelato from this hole-in-the-wall store blew me away. Husband-and-wife team Leo Bulgarini and Eliabeth Foldi select the finest ingredients from around the world for […]

10 Best Ice Cream & Gelato Shops in L.A. (2011)

LA Weekly – View Online Delicieuse, known for its goat’s milk ice cream, is closing, but that doesn’t mean Los Angeles isn’t full of fantastic ice cream and gelato shops. In fact, we’re chock-a-block with delicious frozen treats. Here are ten of our favorites. 1. Bulgarini: There’s a reason Bulgarini Gelato is a perennial topper […]

Bulgarini Gelato: 99 Essential Restaurants 2011

LA Weekly – View Online Some people check the weather report before they go to the beach. I have been known to check the Italian soccer results before I drive up to Bulgarini. If AS Roma has just dropped a match to Juventus, the mood of gelato master Leo Bulgarini is likely to be as […]

Larry Wilson: Get summer’s scoop in Sicily or Altadena

Pasadena Star News – View Online EARLY this month the Wall Street Journal splashed across the features section front of its weekend edition its version of a hoary newspaper summertime staple – a hot-months focus on the joys of eating ice cream. Being a fancier-than-thou rag owned by that noted gourmand Rupert Murdoch, though, this […]

In Search Of The Perfect Gelato

The Wall Street Journal – View Online In pursuit of the ultimate in cold, creamy, silky, slushy goodness across the island of Sicily. La vita doesn’t get more dolce than this. By JOE RAY July 9, 2011 Shortly after I pull into Cerda, a small Sicilian town made semifamous by its yearly artichoke festival, Antonio […]