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Seasonal Flavors

Albion Strawberries

Grown without pesticides!

Come try our strawberries from Oxnard.  The Albion Strawberry is very sweet at this time of year while still retaining a hint of acidic flare.

Bosc Pear

The Bosc pear has a nutty after taste which lends itself to roasting.  After the roasting pears are left out for 1 day to release it sugar content

Mountain Pear

A Mountain  Pear grows on the hillsides of Napa Valley.  The elevation and soil confers the smoky flavour which we blend with Fennel before making the Sorbet.

Bartlett Pear

This Pear is very smooth and lends itself to a nice Moscato D’Asti, which is the wine we cook them in.

Red Comice Pear

This Pear has its skins peeled to rehydrate the fruit with Orange. 

Seckel Pear

These are pears that want to be roasted this time with Laurel and Himalayan Salt

French Butter Pear

These are pears that when cutting, have a lovely Rose flavour to it.  So the trick is to infuse Pink Rose Petals overnight.