Open for Patio Dining (Lunch & Dinner) or Takeout - Delivery available via Grubhub & Doordash
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It's more than just food, it's an experience.


Ruchetta al Limone $12
(arugula, lemon dressing & shaved parmigiano)

Charcuterie Plate $25
(assorted charcuterie, cheese, cornichons)

Pizza Romana  $10-$13

Margherita Napoletana  $24

Wood-fired pizza with homemade tomato sauce, genuine Italian mozzarella, Italian olive oil and fresh Basil.




Ribollita Toscana   $7
(seasonal greens & white bean soup)

Brodo di Carne $8
(bone marrow broth)


Tagliatelle con Sugo di Carne $20
(handcut egg noodles with meat sauce)

Pappardelle al Cinghiale $26
(wide egg noodles with wild boar)

Spaghettini con Anatra $26
(Homemade Spaghettini with Duck Ragù sauce)

Paccheri con ragù di Pesce spada $34
(Paccheri pasta w/swordfish ragù in white wine sauce)

Gnocchi al Pesto $20
(potato gnocchi with pesto)

Pici all’Aglione $20
(hand-rolled pasta with garlic tomato sauce)

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca $26
(Spaghetti with anchovies black olives and capers)

Ravioli di Carne $26
(meat-filled ravioli with arugula almond sauce)

Spaghetti  alla Carbonara Romana $26
(Spaghetti with pork cheeks and egg)

***Gnocchi alla Zucca $26
(pumpkin gnocchi with sage butter sauce)

***FALL ONLY seasonal item made with fresh pumpkin.***

***Lasagna $22
(Layers of tender pasta meat sauce and bechamel)


Meat and Fish

Il Brasato Del Gronchi $28
(braised short ribs & vegetable of the day)

***Spigola Cilena $38
(Chilean Seabass with crusted pistacchios.  ***Special: ask about availability.)


Italian Cheesecake $5

Tiramisu Cake $5

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake $7

(with Almond meal)

Apple Tarte Tartin (slice) $8

Chocolate Chip Cannoli  $5.50

Bigne Creme Diplomat
(2 cream puffs – ask for availability and price)

Biscotti di San Gimignano $8

Sampling Menu $75/person

Sampling of 4 courses & gelato

Charcuterie Wine Pairing with Seasonal Pears  $100

Chef’s Table
Price upon request
5 course wine tasting menu with gelato pairing

***Special Entree: Inquire for availability.

Reservations recommended