Gelato & Dolci

Chocolate Chip

STRACCIATELLA – fior di latte made with organic whole milk, dotted throughout with chunks of Callebaut chocolate. Childhood in a cup! (or Childhood memories come flooding back.) 

Blueberry Gelato

BLUEBERRY GELATO – Creamy and succulent – These berries come from Oregon  and are a staple in our store

Hazelnut Gelato

NOCCIOLA – Oregon hazelnuts are among the best in the world. We roast them to bring out the pleasantly nutty taste. A classic flavor in European pastries.

Chocolate Orange

CIOCCOLATO ALL’ARANCIO – Tangy, ripe, oranges, combined with our signature smoky, dark chocolate, produce a rich, festive flavor. A customer favorite! 

Kona Coffee

KONA COFFEE– These beans are sourced from the hills of Kona.  Watch our video in Hawaii to see where the coffee beans are sourced.

Lemon Cream

LIMONE Gelato – Sun kissed lemons from the California San Joaquin Valley – pleasantly tangy, but not overly tart. Especially refreshing on a hot day.  

Pesca Sorbetto

PESCA SORBETTO – made from peaches grown in the California Central Valley plucked at height of ripeness – sweet, juicy, so creamy you forget there is no milk!

Limone Grantita

LIMONE GRANITA – Sun kissed lemons from the California San Joaquin Valley – pleasantly tangy, but not overly tart. Especially refreshing on a hot day.


PISTACCHIO – pure, whole Sicilian pistachios, grown in volcanic soil. Roasted and ground (crushed/pulverized/triturated/ crunched/pureed) in our gelateria – which brings out the natural oils and subtle sweetness. Rich and nutty 

Lampone Sorbetto

LAMPONE SORBETTO – ripe, fragrant raspberries, with a touch of tartness. the tangy sweetness hits a sophisticated note on the palate 

Sicilian Almonds

MANDORLA – Sicilian almonds, grown in volcanic soil. We roast them, releasing their strong, pure, floral notes, then puree them and turn them into smooth, creamy goodness! 

Fragola Sorbetto

FRAGOLA SORBETTO – The Camarosa strawberry is a lush, juicy berry, ripened in the sun in Oxnard, CA. We use only fresh, seasonal berries to make our sorbetto. You’re sure to exclaim “The strawberries taste like strawberries!”

Green Tea Gelato

TEA GELATO – Our tea gelato is steeped with Green tea and Jasmine Tea.  Then we add roasted rice to pair with Japanese sake. These are pears that when cutting, have a lovely Rose flavour to it.  So the trick is to infuse Pink Rose Petals overnight.

Cioccolato Sorbetto

























CIOCCOLATO SORBETTO – Luscious, dark and dreamy. All the chocolate goodness without the dairy. Our chocolate sorbetto is made from Valrhona dark chocolate and delivers an intense chocolate experience.

GELATO DI PECORA – Our sheep’s milk gelato is rich and buttery, with a flavour of sweet herbs.

NOCE (WALNUT) – We use walnuts from California’s Central Valley. They have complex and tangy notes, with a wonderfully nutty flavour. Walnuts pair beautifully with a variety of flavours – from bananas to Madeira wine.

SUSINA SORBETTO – Our Santa Rosa plum variety, grown in the Central Valley, is deep, rich and full of flavour, with a hint of tartness which we extract from the skins.

PERA SORBETTO – Delectable Williams (Bartlett) Pears from Lake County, CA. You can taste the succulent fruit – sweet, buttery and musky. Try it with chocolate in a torta di gelato – sublime!

CAFFE GRANITA – We use a proprietary blend of Arabica, Kona and Colombia and hand pull the espresso to create a strong, authentic granita. Best eaten with freshly whipped cream! 

BANANA – rounded, creamy, tropical sweetness. A comforting flavour that pairs well with chocolate

MASCARPONE – from the Lombardia region of Italy – milky, rich creaminess, with a depth of flavour that is slightly sweet, slightly tangy

TIRAMISU – based on the popular dessert, this gelato is mascarpone, combined with Italian espresso and Vestri cocoa from Firenze. Pure decadence in every bite.

MACADAMIA – We source our nuts in Hawaii from small producers. We roast and grind them in house, bringing out the buttery sweetness with a touch of natural saltiness. Creamy and addictive! 

PESCA GELATO – made from sweet, juicy peaches grown in the California Central Valley, plucked at the height of ripeness

ANANAS SORBETTO – fresh, fragrant pineapples, cut into chunks and pureed in our shop. tropical, sharp and sweet. This refreshing fruit instantly transports you to the islands

MANILA MANGO – juicy, sweet and exotic. these small, teardrop-shaped mangoes deliver a beautiful, creamy sorbetto, bursting with flavour

NOCE PESCA BIANCA SORBETTO (WHITE NECTARINE) – grown in the Central Valley – the flavour is round, subtle and exquisitely perfumed

ARANCIA ROSSA GRANITA – a customer favorite! We use California blood oranges from the Central Valley, squeeze them and turn them into a beautiful, red, slushy treat.

MELOGRANO GRANITA – fresh, ripe, dark pomegranates from the Central Valley – this exotic fruit will bring you to the gardens of the Orient. a deep, rich, sweet flavour, balanced with acidity.

MANDORLA GRANITA – Sicilian almonds, grown in volcanic soil. We roast and chop them, releasing their floral notes, The granitais slightly crunchy and refreshing on a hot day. 

PISTACCHIO GRANITA – pure, whole Sicilian pistachios, grown in volcanic soil. Roasted and chopped in our gelateria – the exotic flavour and crunchy texture is certain to liven your palate

VANIGLIA – Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar – rich and creamy with woody notes, sweetly perfumed, and an intoxicating flavour. You can see the beautiful dark flecks of vanilla as you eat your gelato 

CREMA – egg custard gelato, made with farm fresh eggs and organic whole milk

CREMA DI CAFFE – our luxurious custard gelato with hand pulled espresso.

BACIO – we freshly roast hazelnuts and grind them into a nut paste, then add rich Valrhona chocolate, for the best natural chocolate- hazelnut you can find

CIOCCOLATO DI FIRENZE AL SALE – sweet and savory all rolled into one. Our milk chocolate from an artisan producer in Florence originates in the Dominican Republic. The chocolate is earthy and acidic, with light sweetness. The complexity is enhanced with sea salt.

CIOCCOLATO – Creamy and Decadent – our signature chocolate is noted for its smokiness. Dark chocolate with a gentle tang made with Valrhona 70% (check this)

YOGURT AL SALE E OLIO – a savory flavour made with organic full fat yogurt, a touch of celtic salt and Italian extra virgin olive oil.

ZABAGLIONE – egg custard with marsala wine. heady and satisfying