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Bulgarini In The News

Here is what people are saying about Bulgarini Gelato.
Here's what the Los Angeles Times had to say...

"Taking gelato & ice cream to a whole new level" - L.A. Times

From world-renowned food critic Jonathan Gold.

"A singular, perfect blossom in a world of international sweets" - LA Weekly

Another great review...

"A flavor alchemy that must be tasted to be understood" - Pasadena Magazine

Another great review...

"Fruit, water and sugar are magical together. Depending on how the simple ingredients are manipulated, they can be turned into popsicles, granita, sherbet or sorbet, the icy group of sweets working to keep us cool in hot weather."


Corriere della Sera

Corriere della Sera Romano di Grottarossa, usa solo prodotti naturali al 100 per cento Peccati di gola “ Leo Bulgarini, trapiantato negli Stati Uniti dal 1989: i suoi gelati sono una golosità di Los Angeles IL GELATAIO CHE HA CONQUISTATO HOLLYWOOD Il locale di Leo Bulgarini fra i 99 posti da non perdere a Los...
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Die Eisheiligen

VIEW ONLINE Global Village: Wie zwei Einwanderer Amerika retten wollen – mit Vanille, Pistazie und Sinnlichkeit Leo nimmt jetzt eine Mango vom Stapel, er hält sie mit beiden Händen, wie man ein Baby hält, er beugt sich vor, versunken, starrt die Frucht an, als wollte er durch die Schale blicken, dreht sie, schnuppert, wiegt die...
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Pasadena Star News

Early each morning, Leonidas Bulgarini and Elizabeth Foldi buy fresh fruit at the produce markets in downtown Los Angeles. They bring back cases of seasonal bounty, like blueberries, cantaloupe and white peaches, to their gelato shop in Pasadena. On a recent weekday, Bulgarini decided to make blueberry sorbetto (mirtillo). He washed the fruit, inspected each...
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Sweet heat relief at Bulgarini gelateria

LA Weekly – By Jonathan Gold Wednesday, July 26, 2006 – 12:00 pm When it is 109 degrees in Pasadena, when the live oaks droop and the front range of the San Gabriels burns with a terrible heat, there is no better place to be in the city than the shaded courtyard of the Pacific...
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