Sweet Nibbles & Altro

Biscotti di San Gimignano

Biscotti di San Gimignano, homemade biscotti filled with Hazelnuts and almonds reminiscing the hills of San Gimignano.

Cannoli di Ricotta al Cioccolato

Cannoli di Ricotta al Cioccolato, with fresh Sheep Ricotta that flies in from Rome. 

Chiffon Lemon

Chiffon Lemon, lovely French cake soft and light as can be.

Chiffon almond

Chiffon almond, the almond flavor carries the cake even further.

Chocolate spreads

Chocolate spreads, chocolate bites that can brighten your party.


Marzapane, made in the house with Sicilian Almonds.

Torta di Garfagnana

Torta di Garfagnana, A luscious cheesecake from the northern part of Tuscany near Carrara.

Torta Gelato Pistacchio e Pomegranate

Torta gelato Pistacchio e Pomogranite, try this incredible combination of ingredients, that was featured on the Food Network as “ The best thing I ever ate.”